2020 Rosé 1.5L Magnum


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This is a light, crisp & dry Rosé with beautiful aromatics.

Tangerine and fresh berries on the nose, with a trace of powdery talc and white blossom.  The palate starts with red berry fruit with a backbone of cool spice reminiscent of caraway seed.  The finish has a deft textural grip and a sensation of lime.  The 2020 release will stand up to a great breadth of food styles and has a versatility that ensures it will be enjoyed in any season.

In stock

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    This is the 27th release of the Turkey Flat Rosé.  This wine was first made during a time when Rosé was an anathema in a region becoming world-renowned for big, bold Shiraz. Turkey Flat created a style crafted with clear purpose to shift perceptions, demonstrating that Australian Rosé can be a fine wine and that the Barossa is well-placed to be its source. With nearly thirty years of refinement in technique, our style has become archetypal of Australian Rosé, with fresh, aromatic fruit, florals and spice on the nose, satisfying body and texture on the palate, and a clean, savoury-shift on the finish.  Grenache is the star of this wine and is picked in multiple parcels across the vintage to provide the components for a wine that is a masterclass in blending. 

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