With a background in professional photography Turkey Flat Proprietor Christie Schulz has a keen eye for detail which has served the iconic Barossan brand very well. Christie made the move from Adelaide to the Barossa in the 1980s, taking her place in the 4th generation of the Schulz family to own and work the vineyard estate on Bethany Road, Tanunda in the Barossa Valley.

As one of the managing partners since the inception of Turkey Flat Vineyards in 1990, Christie has brought to Turkey Flat her wide-ranging business management experience and her own creative abilities, incorporating both into all facets of the company’s product development, packaging and marketing.

Christie’s current role as the sole Proprietor is the management of the Turkey Flat label, a hands-on position encompassing all areas of wine production and promotion from the grape to the consumer. She also plays an integral role in the day-to-day management of the Turkey Flat winery and cellar door and represents the company as one of its international ambassadors at both promotional events and trade level across the globe.

ALEX SCHULZ – Brand Manager

Having grown up in the Barossa Valley, Alex has known wine since birth. His parents Christie and Peter started the label Turkey Flat Vineyards in 1990 and from the time he could walk Alex has played a part in its growth.

Like most young Australians, Alex had a thirst for travel and to see the world. He spent 13 years travelling Europe, America and Asia and living and working in 5 countries along the way. During this time he pursued vintages in Europe, North America and Australia. In 2008 Alex pursued a Hospitality degree at the Swiss Hotel Management School in Montreux, Switzerland. The two years he spent there, Alex gained exposure into the management and business side of hospitality. In subsequent years post Switzerland Alex gained experience on Hayman Island in the Whitsundays, Adelaide’s iconic Exeter Hotel and then opened and run a modern Spanish restaurant in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

In 2013 Alex moved back to Australia and joined the team at The City Wine Shop in Melbourne. Known to be the “Zeitgeist” of wine retail and service in Australia it proved to be the right platform for Alex and he gained the opportunity to work directly with various wine importers, sommeliers and producers.

At the beginning of 2015, Alex returned home to work alongside his Mother and Owner, Christie Schulz. Since then his role as Brand Manager is all encompassing; encouraging varietal style development in the cellar, assisting in vineyard management practices and redevelopment, and steering the brand into new markets domestically and abroad.

In 2016, Alex completed the AWRI’s revered AWAC (Advanced Wine Assessment Course), further developing his sensory abilities and along with his team, spearheaded and managed Turkey Flat’s inaugural Americana music festival, Silver Raven. Alex is proud to be a 5th generation custodian of this historical site.

MARK BULMAN – Winemaker

Bachelor Agricultural Science
(Oenology), Adelaide University 2006

Mark Bulman, our winemaker, has always had an infatuation for taste and flavours. Born in Murray Bridge to a Forester and a Librarian he was constantly exposed to pursuits both practical and intellectual. Strong influence from his German relatives saw him grow up around a family that viewed food as a celebration. A curious nature and an insatiable appetite, fuelled by competitive swimming, led him on a path of food discovery that gradually revealed the wider world of fine wine.

A passionate Physics teacher introduced Mark to the thought of winemaking and it was during secondary school that Mark decided to unite his interests of science and food by enrolling in Oenology at the University of Adelaide. Throughout university Mark honed his palate by work working for various fine wine retailers and gaining winery work where possible. An ability to make the most of his opportunities saw Mark work in a variety of regions for esteemed producers in Australia, New Zealand and Europe. This time proved hugely influential to Mark vital in furthering his education. Mark gained a philosophy that wines should be judged by far more than just flavour and taste alone, a summation of culture; the people, history of a region and local foods are all required for a wine to find true context.

Arriving at Turkey Flat in late 2008 Mark was pleased to find a winery where quality and integrity were priority. He quickly began to implement his skills with the Turkey Flat wines looking to add definition and balance to the naturally generous Barossa Valley style. He continues to enjoy the challenges of working in a warmer climate, and though he values all the wines he makes, Mark has developed a love for Grenache that borders on the obsessive.